A Radio Document of our World

    A revived and reimagined program from radio's past, that focuses on the men and women who have made an imprint on our world. From international leaders, authors, activists, to legends in sports and entertainment, they share who they are and about their own life. Also we hear the voices and sounds that surrounded them as it happened, whether from a world in the light of optimism, or a world in crisis. This radio document is broadcast in hope that we are given another dimension to our understanding of our world and the human condition.

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    Because of the condition of the country and the world, Film Producer/Director Thomas R. Bond II goes back to his roots of radio, with a new program he is the producer and host of 'HEAR IT NOW-A Radio Document of our World' based on the radio's 'Golden' days.' Bond is an award-winning 40 year radio broadcasting veteran who in 1977 began his career in radio at 13, being the 'Youngest Boradcaster in the Nation', he also was a White house and 'Freelance' correspondent, and featured in in Us magazine, Billboard, Los Angeles Times, UPI, San Francisco Chronicle, and Moviemake Magazine among many others. Bond is also known worldwide for his many interviews of famous individuals from politics to entertainment throughout his career. For this new program, Bond does the same, with in-depth interviews of whose life has made a lasting imprint on our world, focusing on their life, their feelings and who they are on a human level. Bond also introduces us to the sounds of their times. On the program are also segments such as a 'Visitant' commentary by notable person, and a profile of business success stories.

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    Hear It Now - A Radio Document of our World, COMING SOON to CRN Digital Radio network.

The Host

Film Producer Thomas R. Bond, II is a 40-year radio veteran who began his career at 13 as the youngest broadcaster in the nation, interviewing top famous people such as Kirk Douglas, Jack Lemmon, Michael Douglas, Ray Charles, NASA Astronauts, and International Leaders. As a freelance correspondent he reported the first breaking news on the 1979 Iran hostage crisis talking with hostile government officials. At 14, News Director at Dellar Broadcasting, 1980 a television host and producer, he flew with the USAF refueling jet fighters, a crew member on a hot-air balloon excursion, and piloting a World War II Navy plane for his shows. Featured in US Magazine, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Billboard magazine and many others. At 16 he received a California awarded state Resolutions, Emmy and Peabody Award nominations, and was the "Youth Ambassador" of UNICEF. At 19, he left journalism for film production in which he worked on an array of films and independent projects. But now because the difficult and volatile times the country and world is in, Bond decided to return to his broadcasting roots with 'HEAR IT NOW-A Radio Document for our World', a new program based on the 'Golden' years of radio, that focuses on human-side of individuals who made an imprint on our world and sounds of the times. It is broadcast in the hope that another dimension is given to our understanding of our world and the human condition.


Original Music by Alessandro Saini- © Thomas R. Bond II - All Rights Reserved

Thomas R. Bond II


The youngest broadcaster in America at 13, award winning producer, host, for over 40 years in radio, film and television.

Mike Horn

Studio Producer/Distribution

Founder of CRN Digital Talk Radio, and over 30 years in local/national radio producing, talent, and management.

Frank Marks


30 years in entertainment management, corporate marketing, promotions, sales, and production.


World Renown Nuclear Scientist, Stanton T. Friedman - 'Yes, there is life out there, and here!'

Special guest Stanton T. Friedman world renown Nuclear Physicist, A boy genius at 21 accepted to college and became part of a league with scientists twice his age at 24. With his research successes, he was eventually assigned to high-level companies over the years, culminating in classified top secret government projects. His research accelerated the progress of nuclear energy, not for weapons of war, but the use of nuclear fusion for space travel, and this was years before man had even walked on the moon. After his programs were cut by the government, Mr. Friedman started again. This time with his knowledge of another subject dealing with his top secret research. He found proof of life beyond our own in the universe. Also on the program, the 'Visitant' Commentary and MAGNUS OPUS interview with a legend in business.

Legendary Attorney and Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz-Not just a 'Law' legend. Humanitarian/Champion of Human Rights

Upcoming Special guest Alan Dershowitz legendary Attorney and Harvard Law Professor, has a sense of justice and how important it was to defend the 'Underdog' and entered into law at 25. His high-profile clients included heiress-turned-terrorist Patty Hearst, heavyweight champ Mike Tyson, O.J. Simpson, and South Africa's Nelson Mandela. Author of 30 books and has published more than one thousand articles. Praised by Truman Capote, David Mamet, Aharon Appelfeld, A.B. Yehoshua, Elie Wiesel, and Henry Louis Gate, Jr. He considers himself as a "Lawyer of last resort". However, his lifelong burning desire of his heart, human rights for the peoplem especially of Israel and the Jewish culture. Also on the program, Commentary and MAGNUS OPUS interview with a legend in business.

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